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For ScienceLIVE Volunteers


Inspire students to question, model, predict, and solve real-world problems! 

We have a wide-range of opportunities for you to participate, no matter your experience level, your time availability, and whether you prefer to work directly with students (student facing) or behind the scenes (student non-facing). Below are ways to get involved with ScienceLIVE. Sign up as a volunteer here or email with any questions or for more information.

Middle school classroom visits (offered November-May)

Child doing an experiment with dry ice.

          •    Student facing: 
            • We need at least two volunteers for each classroom, the primary and secondary presenters. Both will work directly with students to complete an experiment and answer questions. (Time commitment: each visit ~2.5-3 hours during school day)
            • We are collecting data during the visits. (Time commitment: each visit ~2.5-3 hours during school day)
          • Non-student facing:
            • We continually need to assemble the materials for classrooms. (Time commitment: variable, fits with your schedule)
            • We are creating two new module options for the teachers. If you are interested in helping to develop the following presentations, contact us! (Time commitment: variable, fit your schedule)
              • Microscopy and the world around us
              • Genetics of inheritable traits

Girls, Inc Eureka! program mentors (on-going)

Girls inc logo

          • Student facing:
            • We need volunteers to mentor different cohorts of STEM-interested girls and young women, from 8th–12th grades. We will be providing career advice, study tips, and opportunities to do experiments with the students. (Time commitment: one-time visit, 5-7pm, opportunities to extend)
            • In the summer, we also visit the Girls, Inc. Eureka, Jr! program and do the experiements with 4th-6th graders. We are looking for new content and volunteers for these opportunities. (Time commitment: one-time visits are 2hours+ commute)
          • Non-student facing:
            • If you are interested in helping to develop the content for these presentations, contact us! (Time commitment: variable, fit your schedule)


Virtual and in-person Q&A and Career Panels (on-going)

Students in a classroom

          • Student facing:
            • Be a panelist and inspire the next generation of scientists! (Time commitment: from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the teacher requests)




Video Tours (on-going)

Scientist showing students her experiment

          • Student facing:
            • Record a 3-5 minute tour of your lab and describe the design, execution, and analysis of one of your experiments. These videos are used for Q&A Career Panels and to describe A Day in the Life of a Scientist in virtual modules. (Time commitment: variable, fit your schedule)
          • Non-student facing:
            • You can record and edit the video footage, as well as help create the narration. (Time commitment: variable, fit your schedule) 

 Mentor in Service

          • Student facing:
            • Spend two hours with Worcester High school student volunteers discussing careers, college, study tips and more-all while building kids that we will use in middle school classrooms across the district. 

Microscope Upkeep (Summer)

          • Student non-facing:
            • "Help us keep the microscopes ScienceLIVE purchased for Worcester Middle schools in working order by making minor adjustments, like cleaning and replacing lightblubs. All training will be provided. (Time commitment: variable, over the summer)

Emma RNA Saves the Day translations (on-going)

Emma RNA Saves the Day Coloring Book Cover

          • Non-student facing:
            • Help us spread the word about the science of coronavirus infection and how the mRNA vaccines work by translating our coloring book. Currently, we have English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Turkish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Let us know if you can help! (Time commitment: 1-2 hours, fits with your schedule)


Graphic art (on-going)

Central dogma of biology

          • Non-student facing:
            • We have some graphics that need to be completed and would love your help! Also, if you have ideas for poster designs for classrooms, a new coloring book, or something else entirely, get in touch with us!


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Coming Soon

 ASQ- Ask a Scientist a Question

      • Student non-facing:
        • Provide video answers of the burning questions students have! You choose the questions you want to answer at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels (Time commitment: short durations)

 SLAYS: ScienceLIVE at your school

      • Student facing:
        • An hour long school-assembly style performance demonstrating the wonder and ecvitement of all things science!