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Carlos Fabián Flores-Jasso, PhD

Medical Science Investigator at INMEGEN

Former RTI Lab: Zamore Lab
Training Period: 2009 - 2013
Prior Academic Degree Institution: National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Flores-Jasso completed a degree in Basic Biomedical Research at the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He obtained a Doctor of Science degree from the same university, as well as a post-doctorate from the UMass Chan Medical School with Dr. Phillip Zamore. He is currently a "C" Medical Sciences Researcher, attached to the INMEGEN RNA Metabolism and Extracellular Vesicles Consortium.

In 2015, the research line on RNA Metabolism began, encompassing projects aimed at studying the molecular mechanisms of small RNAs (microRNAs and siRNAs), among other topics. He has published 9 research articles in international and national journals and 2 book chapters. Part of the results of the mentioned lines have been published in magazines of the highest impact, and it has about 300 citations. He has directed 5 thesis, 1 master, and 4 undergraduate. Since 2016 he is professor of the Postgraduate course in Biochemical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences at UNAM.

Flores-Jasso Lab