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Welcome to the Zhong Lab! 

RNA switch (learn more here) is a generalizable transgene regulation platform technology that could enable future gene and cell therapy application to diverse diseases that can't be safely or effectively treated with the current gene or cell-based therapy technologies. Our research offers great opportunities for collaborations/partnerships with academia and/or industry. 

We are hiring and open for collaborations! 


To Zhong Lab trainees:

"We love you so we will tolerate the mistakes you are going to make.

We will accept your deficiencies and ignorance as when we were young.

We respect you so will regard you equally,

and eager to learn from you as much as we want to impart what we know to you.

We know the road is long and the mountain is high,

so will walk with you through the brightness of day and the darkness of night.

We trust you with the honor of our own,

believe in you that you will treat science with responsibility and integrity,

and would like to be your co-workers like family members of your own." 

— Quoted and modified from the Student Hand Book of an HHMI-tyle Research Institute

Come for the ambition, stay for the hopes!