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Emma RNA vs. Spike Man Coloring & Comic Book

To help give children and parents a better understanding of the science of the mRNA vaccines, ScienceLIVE and the RTI at UMass Chan created this coloring & comic book resource just for kids! We hope parents and teachers can use it to help explain this complex situation, while also teaching the wonders of science. We have freely downloadable pages in English, Español, 中文 (Chinese), Deutsche, Français, हिंदी (Hindi), Português, Türk, and Tiếng Việt to print as well as a classroom request form for teachers, librarians, and pediatrician's offices to request hardcopies of the coloring books. More languages to come!



中文 (Chinese)



हिंदी (Hindi)


Tiếng Việt




Distribution of these coloring books has been made possible by a generous donation from:

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Download Emma RNA Saves the Day in English, Español, Chinese, Deutsch, Français, Português, or Türk!

We are providing free coloring books explaining the science of the mRNA vaccine (our heroine, Emma RNA) against the evil-doer, COVID-19, (Spike Man). Download at this link in: English, Español, Chinese, Français, Português, or Türk; more languages to come! 

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Request Emma RNA coloring book for classroom, library, or clinic!

We are providing coloring books to classrooms explaining the science of the mRNA vaccine (our heroine, Emma RNA) against the evil-doer, COVID-19, (Spike Man). Please fill out this form and we will ship the coloring books shortly. If unable to provide enough printed copies to your classroom, we will notify you and you can still download the pdf.
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Volunteer for ScienceLIVE today!

If you are a student, postdoc, faculty, or staff at UMass Chan interested in volunteering with ScienceLIVE, please reach out by email or click the form to register below. There are many ways to get involved, from teaching or moderating a module for middle school students, to testing experiments for the modules, translating content into other languages, to even helping to create a coloring book (see above!).

Where in the world is Emma RNA?

 Global distribution of Emma RNA Saves the Day coloring books!