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Developing Breakthrough RNA Therapeutics

By interweaving nucleic acid scientists with clinicians dedicated to finding new cures, our goal is to create a new paradigm for organizing molecular research that enables the rapid application of new biological discoveries to solutions for unmet challenges in human health.


RTI Spotlight

Vaccines have been reliably and affordably protecting people from diseases worldwide for centuries. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, however, vaccine development was still a long and idiosyncratic process. Traditionally, researchers had to tailor manufacturing processes and facilities for each vaccine candidate, and the scientific knowledge gained from one vaccine was often not directly transferable to another.  Read more from The Conversation written by the RTI's Li Li»


2024 RNA Therapeutics: From Concept to Clinic

Submit your abstract and register early for our 6th annual RNA Therapeutics Symposium, June 26-28, 2024!

March 8:    Oral Abstract Deadline
March 22:  Poster Abstract Deadline
April 19:    Early Registration Deadline

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ScienceLIVE Educational Outreach Program

ScienceLIVE is an educational science outreach program for Worcester area middle schools. We provide opportunities for students to engage with our diverse postdoctoral and graduate student trainees through interactive, exciting virtual and hands-on STEM activities.


Support Our Next Breakthrough

For decades, scientists at UMass Chan have been pioneers in RNA biology and leading innovators in the development of information-based therapeutics: cutting-edge therapeutic tools that leverage our understanding of the human genome in ways that are revolutionizing how we treat disease. With your support, we are poised to unleash their power, and change the world for the better.

Research Spotlight


The RTI’s Dr. Athma Pai and grad students Leslie Torres Ulloa and Ezequiel Calvo-Roitberg describe a novel approach to estimate the 3’ end RNA cleavage rates. Fast cleavage is associated with more polyadenylation signals (PASs) and less transcriptional readthrough. Read Genome-wide kinetic profiling of pre-mRNA 3’ end cleavage in RNA.

Award Link      More RTI Publications



Journey of a Nobel Discovery

Presented by ICBA, BBC StoryWorks

Meet Craig Mello, part of the RTI at UMass Chan, who was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, with Andrew Z. Fire, for the discovery of RNA interference. The discovery of RNAi has given scientists unprecedented opportunities to develop new life-saving therapies and advance our basic understanding of biology. 

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