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Science Learning with Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE)


ScienceLIVE is a STEM outreach program aiming to increase science literacy and spread the message that all individuals who are interested in pursuing STEM careers are “STEM-capable”. We facilitate active-learning opportunities for students to engage with our diverse, practicing scientists while doing exciting hands-on STEM activities. ScienceLIVE was developed, supported, and is managed by faculty, educators, and staff from the RNA Therapeutics Institute (RTI) and the Sanderson Center of Optical Experimentation (SCOPE) at UMass Chan. We understand the tight nature of providing materials for hands-on learning activities to educators for free thanks to funding from the RTI, SCOPE, Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems (MaPS)Department of Systems Biology (PSB), and the Office of Community and Government Relations. External funding sources include grants or donations from the Remillard Foundation, Boston Scientific Foundation, ChemGenes, and Moderna Therapeutics.


Igniting the curiosity within the scientists of tomorrow! 

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For Volunteers

How students, postdocs, staff, and faculty can get involved. Various opportunities with minimal time commitments are available! Check out the ways you can get involved and sign up here.

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For Teachers

Bring ScienceLIVE to your classroom! Our modules will be taking place in-person within the Worcester Public Schools this academic year. 

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Upcoming & Previous Events

Check out our upcoming trainee events and volunteer opportunities or see where we've been and what we've been up to!  

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Emma RNA Saves the Day Coloring & Comic Book

In 2019, a new and dangerous villain emerged in the world, Spike Man. In ScienceLIVE’s first coloring comic book, you’ll learn about how Spike Man hijacks the body’s factories and how Emma RNA and her legion of molecular superheroes save the day! Download in English, Español, Chinese, Deutsch, Français, Português, and Türk; more languages to come. You can request coloring books for your classroom, library, pediatrician's office here.

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ScienceLIVE Newsroom

Extra! Extra! Read all about ScienceLIVE and Emma RNA in the news!

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Who We Are

ScienceLIVE was founded in 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic by four UMass Chan Scientists, Drs. Christina Baer, Angela Messmer-Blust, Athma Pai and Mary Pickering. Stacey O'Neil joined the team in 2021 as project manager and organizational guru. All of our volunteers keep ScienceLIVE thriving!



Support for ScienceLIVE comes from UMass Chan Medical School and the following generous sponsors:

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For more information or participate in our outreach program, please email

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Science Learning with Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE)