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2010 News

NOVEMBER 2010 Move Date is Announced
The RNA Therapeutics Institute is happy to announce it will be moving into the newly built Albert Sherman Center in March of 2013. To learn more about this exciting move and to see the RTI floor plan, click here.

OCTOBER 2010 UMass Chan Faculty Become Affiliates Of The RTI
The Directors of the RTI reached out around the UMass Chan campus to a vast variety of MD's and PhD's to begin building a team of outstanding researchers with specific interests and skills to have daily operational contact, in hopes to investigate ways to create new therapies that can be moved from the benchtop to the bedside.

JULY 2010 RTI hires the first Recruit 
Andrei Korostelev Ph.D. has joined us from the University of California Santa Cruz, where he studied bacterial translation in the lab of Harry F. Noller. Dr. Korostelev will study translation and translation regulation in bacteria and eukaryotes using a combination of X-ray crystallography and biochemistry. Dr. Korostelev lab will be temporally housed in the biochemistry & molecular pharmacology until the RTI moves in 2013.