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Find a Mentor

Do you need a mentor? Do you need to improve your skills in the clinic, lab or classroom? Do you need guidance for your career? Do you need help with a negotiation?

Mentors are essential for your success in academic medicine and can guide you in these and many other ways. Three steps will help you define your needs for mentoring, identify an appropriate mentor, and start your mentoring relationship. Begin with the step that best fits your situation.

Step 1.

Define Your Needs

Start with this step if you have no clear idea of the areas where you need mentoring. This step will help you identify your needs by defining your goals and objectives.

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Step 2.

Identify a Mentor

Start with this step if you know your mentoring needs and need to identify a mentor. This step uses functional mentoring to help you identify and select a mentor.

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Step 3.

Start a Relationship

Start with this step when you have identified a mentor. This step will help you contact the mentor, prepare for the first meeting and define expectations.

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