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Preparing for Promotion

Promotion at UMass Chan Medical School: An overview of the promotion process

Effective CVs: A workshop on effective CV development and maintenance

Reference Letters, Teaching Evaluations, & the Narrative Statement: A workshop on important components of the promotion package

Please email to request one of the above sessions

Preparing for Promotion: OFA leadership will engage faculty in a 1:1 consultation to review faculty promotion materials and provide guidance re the promotions process  REQUEST CONSULTATION

Peers for Promotion: A longitudinal cohort program designed to support, motivate, and prepare faculty for the promotions process

Teaching & Learning

Presentation Basics: A session on best practices for all kinds of presentations that covers content organization, slide design and verbal presentation skills

Evidence-Based Slide Design: A session that counters common presentation myths with evidence-based theories that should guide our slide design

Reframing Feedback: A workshop on rethinking how we provide feedback to learners at all levels

Creating a Positive Learning Environment: A workshop on how learners and educators can together create an environment that best supports learning

Integrating Active Learning: A workshop on integrating opportunities for active learning into your teaching

Please email to request one of the above sessions, or a session on another teaching/learning topic of your choice

Talk Review & Feedback Service: A 1:1 consultation designed to help faculty improve their presentation skills and educational effectiveness  REQUEST CONSULTATION