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OFA Past Programs

The OFA has a rich history of designing, implementing, and evaluating programs and resources for faculty development and mentoring. Click on the links below to learn more about each program.

Faculty Diversity Scholars Program (FDSP) The primary goal of this program was to recruit new faculty from underrepresented groups in the health sciences and to support their successful academic career advancement.

Faculty Scholar Award The goal of this award was to enable faculty to continue research and scholarly activities while also managing a finite period of increased family care.

Faculty Vitality Award This award provided support for senior and mid-career faculty to pursue a career objective in a new area of research, education or clinical practice with the goal to promote individual rejuvenation, career development, mentoring and academic vitality.

Gender Equity Initiative  The Gender Equity Initiative was commissioned in April 2008 to determine if compensation inequities were present for faculty with respect to gender and/or race. The extensive analyses revealed no evidence of systemic or system-wide salary inequities based on either gender or race.

Leadership Series  This series of presentations and workshops by UMass Chan faculty and other internationally-known speakers addressed the development and application of leadership competencies and skills.

UMass Chan Mentoring Survey  This survey was distributed to all UMass Chan faculty, students and trainees in 2012. The goals of the survey were to define the current status of mentoring and to determine future mentoring needs at UMass Chan.