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OFA Accomplishments

Alfred P. Sloan Award for Faculty Career Flexibility

UMass Medical School was one of five medical schools nationally to receive a $250,000 grant in 2012 for its innovative work in career flexibility for academic faculty from the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The grants recognized medical schools demonstrating promising practices that provide opportunities for work–life balance. The funding from this award was used to implement new guidelines on part-time employment and transition through retirement, and to establish the Faculty Vitality Award.

Career Flexibility for Biomedical Faculty of Today and Tomorrow: A National Conference

UMass Chan and partnering institutions convened a national conference to accelerate the dissemination of successful strategies for faculty flexibility and talent management.  The Conference, held at Boston University on March 14-15, 2015, attracted over 100 faculty affairs and development experts. For information see the NENFA website here. See UMassMedNOW article on the National Conference

Recognition and Service of OFA Faculty and Staff

OFA faculty and staff have been recognized individually for their accomplishments and have served in leadership positions for national organizations.

Luanne E. Thorndyke, MD former Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs


OFA faculty and staff are committed to disseminating their work through publications and presentations at national meetings. The following articles were published since 2010 (OFA faculty and staff are shown in bold type); click on the article title to view on the journal website.

Perspective: Toward a competency framework for faculty. Milner RJ, Gusic ME, Thorndyke LE. Acad Med. 86: 1204-10 (2010). PubMed link

Evolution of faculty affairs and faculty development offices in U.S. medical schools: a 10-year follow-up survey. Sonnino RE, Reznik V, Thorndyke LE, Chatterjee A, Ríos-Bedoya CF, Mylona E, Nelson KG, Weisman CS, Morahan PS, Wadland WC. Acad Med. 88: 1368-75 (2013). PubMed link

Peers for Promotion: Achieving Academic Advancement through Facilitated Peer Mentoring.  Ockene JK, Milner RJ, Thorndyke LE, Congdon J, Cain JM. Journal of Faculty Development 31: 5-14 (2017).

Restoring Faculty Vitality in Academic Medicine When Burnout Threatens. Shah DT, Williams VN, Thorndyke LE, Marsh EE, Sonnino RE, Block SM, Viggiano TR. Acad Med. (2017). PubMed link

Meeting the Late-Career Needs of Faculty Transitioning Through Retirement: One Institution's Approach. Cain JM, Felice ME, Ockene JK, Milner RJ, Congdon JL, Tosi S, Thorndyke LE. Acad Med. 93: 435-439 (2018). PubMed link

Advancing Professional Development Through a Community of Practice: the New England Network for Faculty Affairs. Power CM, Thorndyke LE, Milner RJ, Lowney K, Irvin CG, Fonseca-Kelly Z, Benjamin EJ, Bhasin RM, Connelly MT.  J Contin Educ Health Prof. 38: 73-78 (2018). PubMed link