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Blog Listing with Filtering Block

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

This block displays a list of blog posts which can be filtered by one or more authors as well as one or more blog tags (categories). This block can be set to display as a simple list or in a card grid view.

Example > 

To create a new  filtered blog posts block:

note: before you begin, you will want to have your blog authors and/or blog tag containers expanded so you can drag and drop as needed into the filtering area.

  1. Select "Blog Listing with Filtering"

    • you will need to point to an existing Blog Listing page or blog posts container
  2. Once created, on the Filtering tab, drag and drop one or more author names, and/or one or more blog tags
    • this is optional, you do not need to set any filters if you do not want to use filtering
    • you can then set the Sort By and Sort Order as well
  3. The Content tab allows for the optional setting of a title and/or description
  4. The Layout tab allows you to control how many results to show, in what style and if pagination should be enabled
    • Max Count - default is zero and will show ALL results
    • Blog List Style - either in card grid view or a simple list of linked titles
    • Grid Card Style - small, medium or full width cards
    • Date format and Show date allow you to control how you would like the date to appear in card grid view (date does not display for simple list view)
Blog Topic:

Sample of Taxonomy Search Blocks

setting the layout as a simple list or card grid view

Filtered Blog Block - Simple List

This will display a linked title of blog posts related to training and blocks. The max count is set to 5.

Filtered Blog Posts - Card view

This will display a card view list of the blocks. Max count of 4 set to compact.

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    A Breakthrough in Skin Disease Advances Treatment Options for Autoimmunity

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    Lego Launches New Vitiligo Minifigure

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    Update About Villaris Therapeutics

    I am excited to share that an agreement was announced today whereby Villaris Therapeutics will be acquired by Incyte!

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    New NIH Grant Awarded to Create the Vitiligo Center of Research Translation

    Dr. John Harris has been named principal investigator on a 5-year grant establishing the Vitiligo Center of Research Translation to advance vitiligo research

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