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UMass Chan CMS Blog

Find information on the UMass Chan Content Management System, Optimizely. Learn how to populate your web pages, read about bugs, and new or updated functionality.

  • content-properties-which-one.gif

    So many properties - where best to add my content?

    Determining the best property to add content to it displays as desired.

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  • si-plugin.gif

    SEO, reliability & accessibility using the Siteimprove plugin

    The Siteimprove CMS plugin notes SEO and accessibility errors and helps the editor fix issues and optimize content directly within the CMS editing environment.

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  • modal-video-seo-th.gif

    Modal Video Block

    The Modal Video block allows editors to place videos on their pages that open in a modal window when clicked. This allows the placement of the video to be in smaller areas of the page and pop open to view in a larger format.

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  • imageip39.png

    Hero Video Block

    The Hero video block allows a video to be used as a hero on the web page. This block also allows for a dropdown list of links to be centered over the video.

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  • icon for link list block

    Link List Block

    The Link List Block displays a list of links and can be formatted as a bulleted list, a standard list or as a dropdown selection.

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  • seo-icon-png-2263.png

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidance for the CMS

    Review your CMS content pages for better SEO rankings, update page properties and content, linking practices and resources for learning more about SEO.

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  • createnewsarticles.gif

    UMass Chan News Article

    Updates to News Article Details Pages for the UMass Chan News site.

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  • news.png

    UMass Chan News Training Guide

    Process and instructions on editing the UMass Chan News site.

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  • image showing block area above footer - for page and for homepage

    Updating content in the footer of your site

    The footer resides on every page of your site. This post shows you how to update the elements on the footer of your site.

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  • main-menu.gif

    Update Site's Main menu

    Update the main menu of your microsite site.

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