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UMass Chan CMS Blog

Find information on the UMass Chan Content Management System, Optimizely. Learn how to populate your web pages, read about bugs, and new or updated functionality.

  • image showing block area above footer - for page and for homepage

    Updating content in the footer of your site

    The footer resides on every page of your site. This post shows you how to update the elements on the footer of your site.

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  • main-menu.gif

    Update Site's Main menu

    Update the main menu of your microsite site.

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  • horiz-block-icon.gif

    Horizontal Full Width Block - update to include an image background

    This block is a container for other blocks which allows you to set a background color that extends the full width of the browser. This can be used to help break up the layout and highlight your information.

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  • icon for link list block

    Link List Block

    The Link List Block displays a list of links and can be formatted as a bulleted list, a standard list or as a dropdown selection.

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  • 294709_circle_twitter_icon.png

    Recent Tweets Mosaic Block

    Recent Tweets Mosaic Block allows the display of tweets in a grid, 1-12 can display.

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  • util-nav.gif

    Update Utility Nav Menu Items

    Update Utility Nav Menu Items

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  • bannertext.gif

    Update the Banner on your Site

    How to update your site settings, in this case, your banner text

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  • graphic representing a layout of a twitter feed

    Social Media display block

    Generic Social Media block will display feeds from Twitter and Facebook (more to come) on your pages by simply providing the name of the feed you wish to display.

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  • CMS web page indicating the left menu to remove

    Remove Left Menu from Content Page

    Remove the left menu from a content page which removes the left column and allows your content to align with the left side of the page.

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  • workflow.jpg

    Workflow approval process

    Setting up workflow to create an approval process before content is published.

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