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New and updated functionality

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

CMS maintenance for 3/12/24 is complete

CMS upgrade

  • Upgrade to Optimizely CMS 12.27
    • User Interface (UI) update (screen shot below)
    • Forms update which includes a security patch, no other functionality updated
    • Other package updates for security and ensuring the application runs efficiently
    • Addition of categories for editors (for tenants using the new liquid template functionality)
  • Upgrade to .Net 8
    • This is the framework which the application runs on
  • New functionality for using liquid templates to build out sites
    • Liquid templates allow the CMS admins as well as the editors to build more flexible layouts for each site
    • This will be used for new tenants coming into the CMS and rolled into sites at a future date

Changes to the UI – 3 updates

  1. New placement of main CMS menu - moved from across top to vertically on left
    See Optimizely’s UI page

  2. In All Properties view, property names display above their fields rather than to the left

  3. Icon at top right of CMS slightly different
    note: you can still access all the user guides and resource links from the help icon on the menu

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