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Get Connected

Here's where you'll find options for connecting to people who are remote, or connecting while you're remote. Explore the links below to learn about the tools we offer.

Audio Conference Bridge
Conference calling service that supports up to multiple participants on a single call.

Video Conferencing
Find out more about our large amphitheater solutions, as well as suggestions for personal video conferencing.

Adobe Connect
A web-based tool for collaborating, presenting, meeting, or hosting content in an online virtual classroom.

Available telephones and instructions on how to acquire and use them.

Cell Phones, Data Air Cards, Pagers
More information about these devices and how to obtain one. 

Purchased Network Storage (R Drives)
Click for more information on how to have one set up.

Working Remotely (VPN)
Here are instructions on how to use VPN to access the UMass Chan network from a remote location.

Map a Network Drive
Keep those shared drives at your fingertips. Here's how to map a network drive.

Map a Printer
Sometimes you just need to see it in's how to make that happen.