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IT Leadership Team


  • Greg Wolf

    Greg Wolf

    Chief Information Officer

    Greg is a seasoned IT executive, passionate about the role of technology in improving healthcare. Bitten by the life sciences bug, Greg devotes his considerable energies towards leading technology organizations towards meaningful Health IT solutions. 

    Greg has demonstrated that success in leading an IT organization begins with developing a powerful culture of innovation and accountability. He strives to surround himself with equally passionate technologists, prepared to extend that culture to the deepest corners of an IT department. Greg measures progress simply by the success of his customers and partners. Greg is certain the future of American healthcare depends on leveraging technology in profoundly new ways. He is immensely proud of how his teams have enhanced the capabilities of world class scientists, the effectiveness of electronic health record systems, and the productivity of vast organizations. Yet Greg is certain the best is yet to come.

    Greg loves sailing, boating, and everything else about living near the sea.

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  • Brian Coleman

    Brian Coleman

    Information Security and Compliance Officer

    Brian joined UMass Chan as the University's Information Security Officer in November 2013. He is responsible for ensuring that UMass Chan information is properly secured, and university employees and students are aware of the importance of protecting confidential data. Brian brings to UMass Chan 25 plus years of IT risk management experience in Financial Services and Health Care. Brian has successfully implemented effective security programs and policies by assessing threats, determining risks, and partnering with stakeholders across the enterprise. He has a track record of working with management and users alike, educating and empowering them to play a critical role in protecting the Medical School’s data. Brian prides himself on leading effective and cohesive teams and enjoys coaching and mentoring others towards reaching their career and life goals. He is honored to work with such a talented and dedicated team of Information Technology and Cyber-security professionals every day, while together, they build a world-class information security ecosystem.

    Brian has achieved his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CSSP) certifications and has presented at numerous information security and privacy forums. Brian was born and raised in the Boston area and is a “die hard” Red Sox and Bruins fan. He now lives in Worcester where he is discovering everything that that dynamic city has to offer.

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  • Francesca  D’Angelo

    Francesca D’Angelo

    ACIO, Engineering

    Francesca is an innovative technology professional with experience in implementing industry best practices to improve delivery and customer service including Agile/Scrum. She has a proven track record of recruiting, directing, coaching high-performance teams, and driving performance in fast paced changing development environments.

    Recently joining the health and education space, Francesca is focusing her strengths on building strong IT development teams that marry the power of technology with the energy and passion of health sciences education.

    Hailing from an entrepreneurial background, Francesca understands the importance of building strong partner relationships, managing key accounts, increasing revenue and market share, and improving ROI. Her experience in building alliances has built strong and lasting organizations.

    Creating a culture of innovation and excellence is really where Francesca’s passion lies. She knows that dedicated, happy, and talented people are the core of every successful enterprise.

    Francesca enjoys all kinds of music including the wind in the trees and the sound of the ocean. She loves travel and fine cuisine… and has an affinity for making jewelry.

    Specialties: IT Automation Solutions Development and Delivery, Scrum/Agile, Managed IT Services Technical Solutions, Organizational Development, Outsourcing, Professional Services, Strategic Thinking, Building Partnerships, Innovation, Vendor Management, Compliance, SSAE16.

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  • Paul Langlois

    Paul Langlois

    ACIO, Research Technology

    Paul has 20+ years of software engineering experience, and 8+ years leading Engineering/ Research Technology departments. Previously he has worked as a lead software engineer in financial, insurance, and energy conservation industries. Paul has been responsible for overseeing the development of enterprise-wide software solutions including centralized cloud-based services and high-performance computing clusters. His career thus far has been propelled by identifying, building and leading teams which bear skillful technologists, innovative thinkers and great camaraderie. He is extremely passionate about exploring next generation software and information systems.

    Paul received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Technological Innovation.

    Interests include: Robotics, Linux/Open-source software, makerspaces, soccer, back-country hiking.

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  • Patricia  Lanzillotti

    Patricia Lanzillotti

    ACIO, Academic Technology

    Patricia is an accomplished IT management leader with 25+ years of experience in research and the higher education sector. She creates and promotes the vision for organizational growth and performance by defining enterprise technology strategies and solutions that improve efficiencies, support organizational goals and maximize the technology investment. Patricia combines her passion for both science and technology. She started her career in scientific research and found a unique opportunity to dive into the world of technology.

    Patricia dedicates her efforts to ensure cross-organizational collaboration to achieve common goals. With her valued understanding of the need for partnerships within an organization, her interactions with colleagues throughout the University increase synergy and enhance technical capabilities. Patricia manages academic technology, to support the mission of the academic communities.

    When not working Patricia enjoys time at Cape Cod.

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  • Brad Schultz

    Brad Schultz

    Dep CIO, Info Tech Ops & Infrastructure Services

    Brad is an accomplished IT leader who has been working in technology for 25+ years. He has a passion for building and implementing solutions that drive business transformation and enable productivity and innovation. He has held a multitude of IT leadership roles throughout his career, directing IT Strategy across organizations large and small with experience in software, biotech, financial services, and retail.  

    Brad joined UMass Chan in February of 2022, leading Infrastructure Engineering and Operations, focused on optimizing technological transformation for customers and providing the highest level of solutions and services to the University. He is thrilled to be surrounded by so many talented individuals who share the same passion for technology to solve complex business problems in support of the betterment of Healthcare and Higher Education.  

    When not working, Brad can be found making trips to the mountains in the winter months or planning his next round of golf on warm summer days.

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  • Scott Dziewietin

    Scott Dziewietin

    Senior Director, Customer Services
    Scott is a trusted colleague and information technology advisor for customers and senior leadership in academic medicine. Smart, emotionally intelligent, and builder of trusted partnerships. He has proven ability to provide quantifiable success for our partners through domain knowledge and trust. Widely praised for integrity and being a trusted confidant. Highly effective technologist and solutions delivery professional consistently delivering to business objectives. Effective team member commited to their professional growth.

    Scott is currently leading our endpoint strategy and delivery to meet data security, financial, and operational effectiveness objectives.

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  • Chris Milton

    Chris Milton

    Senior Director, IT Operations

    Chris has over 12 years of software engineering experiences in a range of industries including manufacturing, insurance, government contracting, home appraisal, and health sciences. In Chris’s career he has been involved in producing and managing the production of enterprise solutions for multiple industries. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to lead and achieve goals set for himself and by others. He strives to explore the latest that technology has to offer with a focus on machine learning.

     Chris joined the IT Leadership Team in January of 2017. His focus is to help medical school staff with their engineering needs through advanced technology solutions ranging from mobile development and HoloLens to responsive web applications and CMS systems.

    Outside the office and technology Chris is family focused with his wife and two kids. In his spare time, he also enjoys endurance athletics.

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  • Abhi Yalamanchili

    Abhi Yalamanchili

    Senior Director, Academic Technology

    Programs: Academic Technologies

    Abhi has a Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Science with over 12 years of software engineering experience in higher education, manufacturing, finance, and publishing industries.

    At UMass Chan Medical School, Abhi leads technology teams responsible for implementing and maintaining software solutions that facilitate ongoing academic development. She carved out a niche for herself in deriving business value, improving processes, building partnerships while also being truly customer focused. She plays an integral role in implementing solutions that achieve commendable ROI in technology. She is a go-getter who loves challenges and is often seen taking pleasure in solving them with her teams. She strongly believes that only by embracing change can an organization continue to grow and succeed.

    Abhi enjoys spending time with her family and loves to hike.

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  • Deborah Woodbury-Doiron

    Deborah Woodbury-Doiron

    Director, Cloud & Modern Workplace Engineering

    Deborah joined UMass Chan in 2001 managing a portfolio of 40+ IT solutions involving life safety systems, access control and video management, integrated workplace management, asset and inventory control, property risk management, emergency notification, and business intelligence, including the development of PeopleCube, an administrative data lake. 

    Deborah’s more recent work has been to provide leadership in defining, forming, and guiding a new Enterprise IT Delivery (EITD) team responsible for implementing large, enterprise-wide technology solutions and selected intra-departmental projects. In addition, Deborah is the Program manager for several foundational services like Identity Management and Office365 migration/collaboration.

    Deborah believes in the value of the team. Building a team that is more than just a collection of people.  Providing coaching and mentoring them as individuals to create a synergy and mutual commitment. She says “It’s great being part of a team! It makes even the craziest of days fun! I truly enjoy the people I work with.”

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  • Jenene Cook

    Jenene Cook, MBA, PhD

    Director, Instructional Design & Technology

    Jenene is a scholar-practitioner of online education, academic, and instructional technology. With over 20 years of experience in this area, she has successfully led teams of instructional designers and technologists that focus on enhance teaching effectiveness and learning environments with technology, online course design and development, academic technology, and the assessment of online courses and programs. She is also very interested in learning science and faculty development that assists instructors to use research-based principles when using technology for teaching and learning.

    Before joining the Academic Technology team at UMass Chan Medical School, Jenene was the Associate Director for Learning Innovation with Technology at Suffolk University where she led efforts to support, maintain, and improve the learning management system and other academic technology tools that contributed to innovative teaching and learning. Jenene also designed and delivered faculty educational development opportunities on inclusive pedagogy, diversity, and equity in the classroom, effective uses of technology, continuity of learning plans, and online course design.

    Jenene received her Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Massachusetts Boston (2019) where her research focused on factors that lead community college faculty to adopt or reject innovative online pedagogy.

    Outside of work Jenene participates in social justice activities particularly around ending racism and climate justice. She also enjoys riding scooters, playing volleyball, swimming, dancing, biking, gardening, cooking, and attending visual art events.

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  • Curtis Walker

    Curtis Walker

    Director, Network & Telecom Operations

    Curt joined the UMass Chan Medical School as the Director, Network & Telecom Operations in January of 2023. He has 35 years of experience working with Information Technology, primarily in Network Services, where he started as a Network Engineer and has been managing voice and data network teams for the past 25 years. Curt also brings many years of experience in delivering new technologies for various retailers, while effectively managing architecture, engineering, and operations teams.

    Curt has also done some IT consulting in helping companies perform network modernization efforts and finding ways to reduce telecom expenses by identifying and eliminating costly legacy services.

    Curt lives in Wells, ME and loves golfing, boating and fishing on the ocean, and playing guitar.

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  • Brian Zimmel

    Brian Zimmel

    Manager, Software Engineering

    Brian’s path in software engineering began in high school with a programming class in QBasic. Brian continued to develop his skills in computer science through a well-rounded curriculum at St. Bonaventure University, exploring areas in application development, networking, databases, and robotics. Brian’s career since then has been as a full-stack software engineer for various industries, integrating systems to share information, creating backend systems to manage and report on information, and developing front-end interfaces to display this information in a responsive way.

    Brian joined UMass Chan Medical School in 2018 as a member of the DivisionByZero team, which develops and supports applications that assist in the operations of the university while exploring new technology and how it can benefit IT’s products and service offerings. As a manager of software engineering, Brian also looks to provide solutions to the needs of the university through existing applications and services or custom-built applications that provide a high return value for the medical school.

    When not behind a screen, Brian enjoys his time outside whether it is out on a run, relaxing by a campfire, sunning at the beach in the summer, or hitting the ski slopes in the winter.

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  • Doug Hancock

    Doug Hancock

    Manager, Productivity Services

    Doug has been in IT/Customer Service roles since 1984, when he began using an Apple IIe to operate a very large step and repeat camera. That led to technical school, then into a variety of technical support positions.  His first role in IT Management was as a Desktop Support Supervisor with our Clinical Partner, UMMHC. In the fall of 2003 he came to UMass Chan and became a critical part of the Desktop Support team. During this time he became a de facto leader within the team, always striving to make things better. His impact has been felt by many customers who rely on him as a Subject Matter Expert in many areas. Over the last three years he was promoted to Lead Engineer, then Team Lead, and is now the Manager of Productivity Services.  

    As the Manager, he is thrilled to be able to not only 'fill in the blanks' where processes did not exist or existing ones needed improvement for the benefit of all, but also to help steer the course of the organization.  Doug follows the "Leadership is action, not position" mantra and is known to lead by example whenever possible or when the need arises.  He has a highly motivated team with a tremendous amount of flexibility that trusts him to aptly represent them in the IT hierarchy.  He is looking forward to the upcoming improvements within IT as they will enable the move towards more proactive service and a better connected IT organization as a whole. 

    Doug is a highly trained vocalist, studying with a unique coach who incorporated yoga, martial arts, and Chinese medicine into her lessons.  He came away with far more than just improved singing techniques, to his immense benefit.  Since then he has performed in ten states, and the hard work he put in shows every time he hits a stage, singing at top volume.

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  • Andy Kress

    Andy Kress

    Manager, Hosted Services

    Andy joined UMass Chan Medical School as the Manager of Hosted Services in 2017.  He has 20-years of experience working with Information Technology infrastructure across various industries.  Andy brings a customer-focused approach and strongly believes in IT is a service organization.

    Andy has been successful leading teams to build, deploy, and maintain stable and secure infrastructure solutions.  He is hands on with a wide range of technology which helps build a big picture view of how all infrastructure fits together to form the IT foundation for an organization.

    Andy loves enjoying time with his family, camping, and learning about new technology.

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  • Nancy Norton

    Nancy Norton

    Manager, Telecommunications

    Programs: Customer Service

    Nancy is our Telecommunications Manager and has over 35 years of Telecommunications technical and leadership experience to include the last 11 at UMass Chan. Prior to joining UMass Chan, Nancy has work at several industry leading  telecommunications companies to include NEC, Verizon and Nynex BISC.

    Currently Nancy is responsible for the Medical schools Telecommunications Infrastructure. This includes both enterprise and call center environments that span numerous vendor platforms and technologies to include traditional TDM as well VoIP. Nancy is responsible for the current project of migrating both the enterprise as well as Call Centers to our consolidated virtualized platform. Nancy actively participates in mentoring and skills development of the telecom team to ensure UMass Chan keeps pace with technology trends.

    Nancy lives in Bellingham with her family and enjoys summertime at her pool with her husband and friends. She enjoys crocheting many projects for friends and family as well as for her annual church Bazaar.

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  • Vivek Srivastava

    Vivek Srivastava

    Manager, DevOps

    Vivek Joined UMass Chan IT in 2014 as a Manager, DevOps. He has over 23 years of IT (software Development, Quality Assurance and DevOps) experience in manufacturing, sales, infrastructure management, E-learning and health care domain. With his experience and knowledge, he provides customer satisfaction, by directing the team in proper planning, implementing and collaborating. He strongly believes in agile principles and is certified Scrum Master.

    As Manager of DevOps, Vivek focus is to fill in the gaps between functions, listen to the ideas and concerns of peers, and seek ways to improve DevOps processes, empower DevOps engineers and unify DevOps across the teams/locations and take continuous integration and system operations to the next level.

    Outside of work Vivek loves to spend time with his wife and daughter, watching movies/thriller drama.

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  • Matt Tracy

    Matt Tracy

    Manager, Audio Visual Services

    Matt Tracy is the manager of Audio Visual Services at UMass Chan Medical School. Throughout his 20+ year career, he has supported customers with AV technology in a variety of capacities. Matt spent 10 years working and managing the technical side of meetings and events for several 4 /5 star hotels in the state of Florida and the city of Boston. Matt joined the medical school in 2013 as an Audio Visual Engineer. Since then, he has modified and updated technology throughout campus to meet the changing and expanding needs of the medical school. He strives to create high tech rooms that are easy to use so customers can deliver their message and collaborate seamlessly. The audio visual department aims to provide technical support for meetings/classes/events, end user training to empower customers on their own, and audio visual consultation services for the campus at large. 

    Matt holds an Associates in Recording Arts and Bachelors in Entertainment Business.

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  • Randall Browne

    Randall Browne

    Manager, Endpoint Services

    Randall is the Endpoint Services Manager, a key IT role responsible for ensuring over 7,000+ desktops and laptops across the institution enable our colleagues to work securely, efficiently, and without interruption. His primary focus is growing our “predict and prevent” initiative at scale, using data analytics and expert domain knowledge. Randall and his services team count among their many accomplishments the delivery of tremendous value through Multi-User device enablement, saving tens of thousands in unnecessary software, and expanding Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management to three operating systems to date. Previously, he managed endpoints for over 500 UMass Chan ForHealth Consulting colleagues across 4 regional sites and earned a state-wide commendation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for his support of public health initiatives.

    Before joining UMass Chan, Randall worked several years at Bolt, Beranek and Newman, research and development pioneers of the ARPANET, the precursor to the modern Internet. First as a technician, then managing a team of technicians supporting 5500 national and international employees, and last as a network analyst diagnosing and resolving complex system failures across the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

    Randall is fanatical about customer success and is a proven collaborator within the university who thrives on consensus-building and problem-solving. “I perennially expand skills and acquire knowledge/tools to aid me in serving as a leading technology resource that IT and the school community has relied on for nearly two decades. Learning is fun. Applying knowledge and being part of fruitful outcomes is exhilarating and fulfilling.”

  • Elena Kandova

    Elena Kandova, MBA

    Manager, IT Business Ops & Finance

    Elena Kandova is a seasoned leader with more than 25 years of experience in financial and administrative management, budgeting and analysis, process optimization and departmental business administration.

    Elena is originally from Bulgari. She came to the USA in Aug 2003 for her MBA studies in UMASS Amherst. Elena joined UMASS Chan Medical School in Nov 2005 as a Financial Analyst and has been growing through the ladders for the past 18 years. 

    Elena has focused her energy and knowledge on the financial management and business administration of the Information Technology department in UMASS Chan Medical School. Besides being involved in all steps of the $40 mil operational and capital budgets and expenses, during her career she has been involved in multiple projects aimed at streamlining and optimizing IT business functions. She has played a leading role in introducing the departmental time reporting system, billing and cost recovery process, mobile phone policies, procedures and day to day business operations, developing departmental internal forms and processes, web redesign, internship program, recruiting and interdepartmental relations. Elena has been instrumental in establishing and maturing IT’s ability to behave as a business. Working with UMass Chan’s Finance department, Elena developed formal structures that enable predictable financial operations while also establishing the ability for IT to react to funding needs within a fiscal year.

    Elena spends her personal time with her young daughter, parents and dog Roshko. She loves the outdoors and gardening and she is famous for producing big pink tomatoes. She also enjoys arts and crafts and refinishing old furniture.

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  • Ryan Casey

    Ryan Casey

    Manager, SaaS

    Ryan Casey is the Software as a Service (SaaS) Manager for the UMass Chan Medical School.  This role includes managing highly versatile software products, such as Dropbox and DocuSign, across all facets of software delivery.  Ryan and his team prioritize customer success, helping to contribute to the fast-paced and productive environment within UMass Chan. 

    Prior to joining UMass Chan, Ryan held many IT roles across multiple Business Units within a Department of Defense contract from 2010-2020.  He was able to gain exposure to many critical IT processes through roles in Hardware (Workstations; Servers; Life-Cycle Mgmt.), Software Asset Management, Info Security, and Engineering Solutions Groups.   

    Outside of UMass Chan, Ryan enjoys quality time with his dogs (Merlin and Lumi) as well as cheering on the Boston Bruins. 

    Ryan holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

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  • Anaheed Zaki

    Anaheed Zaki

    Manager, IT Research Technology

    Anaheed has over 15 years of industrial software engineering experience in managing and delivering projects of various scales. She has a proven track record of hiring, mentoring, and coaching high-performance teams. In addition to her industrial experience, Anaheed has experience in academia as a postdoctoral researcher with the University of Pennsylvania and as a research and teaching assistant with Ain Shams University. 

    Anaheed received Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

    Outside work Anaheed enjoys gardening, traveling, going for long walks, cooking, reading books, watching movies, and engaging in charitable and social activities.

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  • Jack Cleary

    Jack Cleary

    Manager, IT Technical Services

    Jack Cleary is a dynamic leader at the forefront of UMass Chan Medical School’s Help Desk. With over 15 years of experience in technical support and customer service, Jack's true passion lies in fostering a culture of excellence and staff development. He believes in creating an environment where his staff can thrive through mentorship, open communication, and ongoing training. His leadership style promotes collaboration, innovative problem-solving, and a shared commitment to excellence, fostering a sense of purpose that permeates the Help Desk. 

    Outside of work Jack enjoys playing disc golf, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and two cats, Olive and Ted.

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  • Carleen Miller

    Carleen Miller

    Manager, Information Security and Compliance

    Carleen is the Manager of Information Security & Compliance for the UMass Chan Medical School.  Her role includes SOC 2 and other critical audit responsibilities, as well as risk management, data protection, OoM/Privacy liaison, policies and standards, and annual privacy and security training initiatives.   Carleen and her team prioritize tasks on compliance and security initiatives to help ensure regulatory requirements are completed and provide strategies for protecting data to UMass Chan employees and students. 

    Carleen has over 25 years of experience in the security, compliance, risk, and leadership experience in a range of industries including Retail, Higher Education and Government.  She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with experience in building out various programs for risk management, eDiscovery, forensic investigations, incident response and information security.

    Carleen has many interests including, restoration of her historic house in Worcester, watching various sporting events - ice hockey, golf, and football and enjoys hiking with the family and hosting international high school students.

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