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UMass Chan CMS Blog

Find information on the UMass Chan Content Management System, Optimizely. Learn how to populate your web pages, read about bugs, and new or updated functionality.

  • horiz-block-icon.gif

    Horizontal Full Width Block - update to include an image background

    This block is a container for other blocks which allows you to set a background color that extends the full width of the browser. This can be used to help break up the layout and highlight your information.

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  • icon for link list block

    Link List Block

    The Link List Block displays a list of links and can be formatted as a bulleted list, a standard list or as a dropdown selection.

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  • 294709_circle_twitter_icon.png

    Recent Tweets Mosaic Block

    Recent Tweets Mosaic Block allows the display of tweets in a grid, 1-12 can display.

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  • looping-hero-with-dropdown.jpg

    Using the Looping Hero Video Block

    Describes how to use the Looping Hero Video block on the UMass Chan Optimizely CMS

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  • graphic representing a layout of a twitter feed

    Social Media display block

    Generic Social Media block will display feeds from Twitter and Facebook (more to come) on your pages by simply providing the name of the feed you wish to display.

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  • grid-listing-block.gif

    BLOCK: Grid listing block

    Grid listing block allows editors to set a list of items in a grid and allow some control over the layout of that grid. Editors can choose to filter by page type. For now, we have limited page types with the ability to add more in future sprints. We started with Staff Page as this page has a very specific view/layout. We added generic page since this is the most commonly used page type.

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  • examples.gif

    Examples of Blocks and Pages

    View examples of all the available page types and block types that can be used in our CMS.

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  • hero image block - display of which block to choose

    Image Hero Block

    UMass Chan CMS: Use an hero image to display an image across the top of your site with the option of adding text overlay

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  • Filtered Blog Posts Block

    Blog Listing with Filtering Block

    This block displays a list of blog posts which can be filtered by one or more authors as well as one or more blog tags (categories). This block can be set to display as a simple list or in a card grid view.

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  • Img828.gif

    Taxonomy Listing Block with Filtering

    The Taxonomy Search Block allows you to create a list of items that have been tagged with taxonomy categories. This block will list faculty, labs, blogs and UMass Chan News news articles.

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