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Securing Research Data

  • Encrypt data. Ensure that all your computing devices are encrypted and have operating anti-virus software. Please contact the Help Desk @ or (508) 856-8643 for assistance.
  • Limit access to only those that require it and have been identified within an approved IRB protocol.
  • Conduct periodic access reviews. It is important that regular reviews of access are conducted and individuals no longer requiring access to the data are promptly removed.
  • Follow Minimum Use guidelines. Only allow access to the minimum datasets required to just those that need it.
  • Do not e-mail PHI or PII without encryption.
  • Ensure you have a strong password and change it regularly. Passwords must contain 8 characters and include at least three of the following:
    • lower-case, upper-case, numerical or special characters.

For additional Information Security information please visit the UMass Chan Information Security web site.