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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

1. Is there a cost to participate in the classes offered by Learning & Development?

Scheduled courses offered by Learning & Development are free. If a course is offered based upon customer need, then interested participants should contact their manager who will work with the Learning & Development team in arranging the course. The group requesting a course will need to pay the cost of the instructor. Also, some courses offered by our learning partners do incur a cost. These courses are noted with a $ in the course catalog.

2. What if I need to cancel a class?

As a courtesy to both wait-listed students and to our facilitators, we appreciate 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend a course to which you have pre-registered. You can withdraw yourself from the session through our online registration process. We'd ask that you try to find a qualified substitute to fill your space at any time prior to the course. If a 24-hour cancellation notice is not provided, you and your manager will receive an email. To contact HR, send an email to: . The substitute participant should notify the instructor when she/he enters the classroom.

3. How do I know what are the L & D class offerings for a particular month?

You can see the current events in the main intranet page where we list our weekly class information and also you can refer to our Course Calendar  and check classes.

4. Where can I find my Employee ID?

Your Employee ID is an eight-digit number located on your paycheck advice.


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Registration Questions

5. How do I register for a particular course?

From our Online registration page; you need to select the appropriate track from the drop down menu and then you will see the class listings as per the different program. You will need to select the particular session you would like to attend and fill out your information and hit the "Submit" button. Then you will get an email on the confirmation / or wait-list status.

6. How do I withdraw from a session?

You need to go to the same registration page, select the session you want to withdraw from and fill out all the information as you do when registering for a class; and Hit "Withdraw" button. That will withdraw you from the session.

7. For Brown bag/Work-Life sessions; do I have to fill out all the information?

No. For Work-Life /brown bag sessions you just need to fill out your name and email address.

Curriculum and Program Questions

8. I am a hospital employee. Can I attend these classes?

If you are a Clinical System Manager or Director supervising school employees, you are invited to enroll in any class from the On-Boarding and Accelerating Tracks . Where the classes have a maximum number of attendees and is fully enrolled, you may be wait-listed and attend based on availability. If you are in an administrative support role of the above mentioned Clinical System Managers/Directors, You may enroll in the classes depending upon the available seats.

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