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Dr. Puri Leads Multicenter Study - Thrombectomy Technique

Date Posted: lunes, julio 17, 2017

Ajit S. Puri, MD DM Program Director Neuro Interventional Fellowship

Ajit Puri, MD to Lead Multicenter Study to Evaluate Thrombectomy Technique

Dr. Ajit Puri will be leading a multicenter study to evaluate a novel thrombectomy technique that he has developed here at UMASS. Thrombectomy is an endovascular technique used to treat stroke patients with a blood clot in the larger arteries of the brain by capturing the clot with a stent retriever or aspirating the blood clot by applying suction to the catheter in the brain. Dr. Puri’s technique incorporates both of these strategies to optimize the result for the patients. The study will include 6 centers in the United States and 2 European sites and is expected to start enrolling patients in the next few months.