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AGFA Steering Committee

Date Posted: lunes, julio 17, 2017


AGFA Steering Committee Prepare for Updates

In preparation for the new PACS system, the AGFA Steering Committee and Partnership Committee have been formed. This multidisciplinary committee meets weekly and is the forum during which the necessary clinical and technical information is exchanged in order to configure the new PACS software in the most effective way.

Committee members pictured here clockwise around the table are: Steve Beaudoin, Dr. Laureen Sena, Dr. Steven Baccei, Dr. Farhana Riaz, Dr. Robert Licho, Dr. Hao Lo, Dr. Sean Wilson, Julie Rivers, Kelly Emrich, Michael Wilmore, Linda Egan and Forrest Kniestrick.

The new Project Manager for the rollout is Erik Dudastavlund.

AGFA Steering Committee - Radiology UMass Chan Medical School