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Dr. Hussain - Updates from Iraq - II

Date Posted: lunes, julio 17, 2017


Dr. Sarwat Hussain's Updates from Iraq - II

Dr. Hussain is currently spending a Sabbatical year, 2017, in Iraq, as the Chief Medical Officer of, soon to be commissioned, Imam Al Hujjah Charity hospital, Karbala.

Imam Al Hujjah Charity hospital, Karbala Iraq

Installation of radiology equipment (all Siemens) is near completion. Siemens 64 Slice, Digital radiography room and Fluoroscopy have been installed, MRI Magnetom 1.5 T is near completion. Three ACUSON ultrasound machines are ready to be unpacked. C-arm DSA fluoro unit and Mammography are next in line of acquisition, followed by a cardiovascular lab.

The hospital will open with General outpatient clinic, 7 days a week. Free clinic will be provided, to all comers, two hours a day on a first-come-first-serve basis. Social services department will conduct means testing for patients eligible for free or discounted diagnostic and inpatient services.

Dr. Hussain with installed MRI Fleuoro Unit
Digital Radiology Unit Cultural Immersion

Figure top (Left to Right):  MRI being installed, Fleuoro- unit
Bottom: Digital Radiography unit, Cultural Immersion

Experience has shown that cultural immersion during Global assignment seems to be beneficial in creating consensus among decision makers.

Dr. Hussain continues to edit the “Journal of Global Radiology”, please visit the journal website www.jglorad.org