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Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies begin in the spring of the third academic year, following completion of the Core Clinical Experiences. Launched in May 2013, this fourth year curriculum balances required and elective time to support students’ personal and professional development. In addition to the Acting Internships, 24 weeks of electives,  and the Transition to Internship program requirements; the Advanced Studies year includes three courses: Emergency Clinical Problem Solver, Advanced Biomedical and Translational Sciences, and the Capstone Scholarship & Discovery course. The longitudinal Capstone Course is a graduation requirement of students entering the T.H. Chan School of Medicine in 2012 or later.

Internal Medicine Acting Internship (ME-301)
Family Medicine Acting Internship (FC-400)
Pediatrics Acting Internship (PE-404)
Acute Care Surgery Acting Internship (SU-489)
Pediatric Surgery Acting Internship (SU-403)
Minimally Invasive Surgery (SU-401)
Transition to Internship (TRANS INT)
Emergency Clinical Problem Solver (EM-4004)
Advanced Biomedical and Translational Sciences (ABTS-404)
Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Course (CSD) | Capstone Course website

Electives Description
Electives Online Catalog

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