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Maintaining personal wellness requires a multi-dimensional approach to all aspects of life. Enhancing the wellness of our faculty is both an individual and institutional responsibility. There is much you can do for yourself—UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial Health (UMMH) provide several resources and programs to enhance personal wellness. UMass Chan Medical School and UMMH can also influence faculty wellness by addressing system-based problems. In this aspect, clinicians may be particularly vulnerable. Working with individuals who are suffering is both challenging and rewarding. But when patient care is conducted in adverse conditions, it can be debilitating and may lead ultimately to burnout. These pages provide information and links to resources on wellness, burnout and related issues.

Burnout The burnout of clinicians is recognized as a national problem. What is burnout and what causes it?

Strategies for Resilience How can burnout be prevented? How can individuals enhance their resilience to stress? How can institutions address the problem?

Resources for Wellness  Programs and resources provided by UMass Chan Medical School and UMMH to help individuals maintain wellness.

Campus Initiatives  UMass Chan Medical School and UMMH have begun several initiatives in response to national concerns about clinician burnout and wellness.