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Strategies for Resilience

National recognition of the problem of clinician burnout has stimulated the development of several high level programs and resources designed to disseminate information on burnout, promote strategies to combat the problem, and enhance wellness and resilience in clinicians.

Clinician Well Being Knowledge Hub
The Institute of Medicine has established the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, a consortium of over 100 medical institutions and organizations with a commitment to reverse clinician burnout and promote clinician well-being. The Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive website with information on the causes, effects and solutions for clinician burnout.

Stanford Medicine WellMD Center
The WellMD Center was established in 2015 to "improve the health and professional fulfillment of physicians and the associated health of their patients, their students, and other members of the medical teams they lead." The Center’s activities are based on the WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model which consists of three domains: a culture of wellness, efficiency of practice, and personal resilience. The Center provides useful information and is a model wellness program.

American Medical Association (AMA) STEPSforward OnLine Learning Modules on Physician Well-Being
The AMA provides free online learning modules on relevant topics, including Preventing Physician Burnout and Improving Physician Resilience.

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