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Academic Personnel Policy Revision 2017


The Academic Personnel Policy (APP) defines the personnel policies (appointment, promotion, tenure, employment) for all UMass Chan faculty. The APP describes how we recognize and reward our faculty for their academic work and scholarship. As a product of our shared governance, a strong policy that can supported by both faculty and administration is vital for the academic excellence of UMass Chan. It is also essential that this document remain current: to reflect the widening scope of faculty activities at UMass Chan, as well as global changes, such as broader definitions of scholarship and the growth of collaborative studies.

We are happy to report that the revised Academic Personnel Policy (APP) has been approved by the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees at their December 8, 2017 meeting. The revised APP is in immediate and full effect, and the implementation phase has been initiated.  The approved final version of the document is available online.

Download a PowerPoint presentation that highlights and summarizes the major changes in the review APP.

See Frequently Asked Questions.

The Revised Academic Personnel Policy (APP)

The revised APP consists of six Articles. View each article online from the links below:

Article 1. Authority, Definitions, Standards
This article describes the authority of the APP and the process for amendment, definitions of common terms, and standards such as academic freedom, conflict of interest, confidentiality, and the rights of faculty in personnel matters.

Article 2. Areas of Academic Evaluation
This article describes the areas for evaluation of faculty for appointment, promotion, and tenure and includes the definition of the Areas of Distinction, Scholarship, Education Activities, and Academic Reputation and Service.

Article 3. Appointment and Promotion
This article describes the academic ranks and tracks, types of appointment, the evaluation of candidates for appointment and promotion, the eligibility and criteria for each academic rank, the procedures for appointment and promotion, appointment of visiting faculty, and emeritus status.

Article 4. Tenure
This article describes all policies and procedures related to tenure, including the criteria for tenure, tenure guarantees, the tenure track, procedures for the award of tenure, periodic multi-year review, salary reduction of tenured faculty, and termination of tenured faculty.

Article 5. Employed Faculty
This article describes the terms and conditions for faculty employed by UMass Chan, UMMHC, or an external foundation or agency and includes the procedures for the Annual Performance Review (APR) and sabbatical.

Article 6. Other Faculty Appointments
This article describes the terms and conditions for faculty who employed by other entities, including Affiliate (formerly the voluntary faculty), Adjunct, Visiting, and Professional Staff Faculty.