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Financial problems?

To avoid delays and cash flow problems, you may want to open an account in a United States bank before you arrive. Ask the bank in your country for information about corresponding banks in the Worcester area. If you open an account after you arrive, it could take two to four weeks before you have access to money deposited into an account by a foreign check.

If you will be on a paid appointment at UMass Chan, please note that all payroll is directly deposited to your account at the financial institution of your choice.  You will need to provide that information upon arrival in order to receive your first paycheck. When opening a bank account in the U.S., be aware that most banks require two forms of identification to open an account.

(1) U.S. drivers license, passport, other picture I.D. or major credit card are acceptable.


(2) proof of your current address (A utility bill addressed to you at your present address, or a copy of your lease agreement is usually sufficient).