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Performance Management

UMass Chan believes that employees should receive ongoing feedback about their work and that they should be compensated according to their performance.  Employees are responsible to support the overall mission, values, and goals of the university, and they must continue to develop skills and behaviors that add value.

Employees should receive a performance appraisal after 6 months of employment and have their job performance reviewed annually thereafter. The performance appraisal should be an objective and accurate documentation of the individual’s job performance over the previous period. A face-to-face meeting should be held to discuss the appraisal and to set individual goals for the upcoming year.  Performance goals specify WHAT is to be achieved and examples specify HOW these goals are to be achieved. Regular, ongoing performance based communication between manager and employee is essential to success. Employees should be encouraged to discuss their performance with their managers.

Performance appraisal forms are located under the "Forms" tab