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Science Learning with Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE)

Ignite the curiosity of the scientists of tomorrow! 

ScienceLIVE is an educational science outreach program for Worcester area middle schools. We provide opportunities for students to engage with our diverse postdoctoral and graduate student trainees through interactive, exciting virtual and hands-on STEM activities.

Inspire students to question, model, predict, and solve real-world problems! 

Every ScienceLIVE commitment to a classroom includes:
  • A virtual, interactive experience: meet with 2-3 of our scientists to explore a topic and ask questions while one of them performs an experiment virtually
  • A hands-on follow-up activity: a kit containing all equipment, materials, and instructions is delivered to you, FREE! Students and teacher worksheets are also provided.
  • A post-activity check-in: one of our scientists will virtually revisit your classroom after students have completed the follow-up activity to hear about your results and brainstorm further exploration. 

Take a peek into one of our previous modules*:

All of this, FREE!

Our Fall 2022 workshops will be taking place in-person within the Worcester Public Middle Schools.

Modules available for Fall 2022:

  • The Building Blocks of Life (exploring cell and molecular biology)
  • Designing Prosthetic Limbs (exploring biomechanical engineering)
  • Doctor's Orders: Finish your antibiotics! (exploring microbiology)
  • DNA Sequences are a BLAST! (exploring bioinformatics and evolutionary biology) 
  • A Day in the Life of a Scientist (exploring a career in science)

ScienceLIVE Outreach Program was developed, supported, and managed by faculty and educators from the RNA Therapeutics Institute (RTI) and the Sanderson Center of Optical Experimentation (SCOPE) at the UMass Chan Medical School. We understand the tight nature of public-school budgets and have arranged to provide materials for hands-on activities with funding from the RTI, SCOPE, Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems (MaPS), the Department of Systems Biology (PSB), and the Office of Community and Government Relations. Additional funding sources include grants from the Remillard Foundation and Boston Scientific Foundation.


For more information or participate in our outreach program, please email

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