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Watts Lab Alumni

Former students and postdoctoral scholars from the Watts Lab, established 2012. Searchable by keyword (name, current role, etc), people (student/postdoc/clinician), and organization (RTI, Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, T.H. Chan School of Medicine).


If you're an alumnus and want to update your details or send us a current headshot, please contact us here:


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Watts Lab Undergraduates and Short-Term Visitors

Sandyha Iyer (summer intern 2019), currently Undergraduate Student, Northeastern University


Adam Hedger (Y4 project student 2016-17), currently Graduate Student, Watts and Schiffer Labs, UMass Chan Medical School


Lê Tuãn Anh Nguyễn (visiting scholar 2016)


Amelia Pullinger (summer student 2015)


Cam Thorpe (summer student 2015)


Florie Moran (Y3 project student 2014-15)


Rachel Greenhill (Y3 project student 2014-15)


Josh Prince (Y4 project student 2014-15)


Farooq Amin (summer student 2014)


Abida Gani (summer student 2014)


Michael Moazami (Y4 project student 2013-14)


Dan O'Reilly (Y4 project student 2013-14), currently Postdoctoral Associate, UMass Chan Medical School (Khvorova Lab)


Jack Hardwick (Y3 project student 2013-14), currently PhD Candidate, Oxford University, UK (Brown Lab)


James Graham (Y4 project 2012-13)


Tom Latter (Y4 project 2012-13)


Liisa Niitsoo (Y3 project 2012-13)


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Watts Lab Alumni