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Standard 11: Medical Student Academic Support, Career Advising, and Educational Records

A medical school provides effective academic support and career advising to all medical students to assist them in achieving their career goals and the school’s medical education program objectives. All medical students have the same rights and receive comparable services.

11.1      Academic Advising and Academic Counseling

A medical school has an effective system of academic advising in place for medical students that integrates the efforts of faculty members, course and clerkship directors, and student affairs staff with its counseling and tutorial services and provides medical students academic counseling only from individuals who have no role in making assessment or promotion decisions about them.

11.2      Career Advising

A medical school has an effective career advising system in place that integrates the efforts of faculty members, clerkship directors, and student affairs staff to assist medical students in choosing elective courses, evaluating career options, and applying to residency programs.

11.3      Oversight of Extramural Electives

If a medical student at a medical school is permitted to take an elective under the auspices of another medical school, institution, or organization, a centralized system exists in the dean’s office at the home school to review the proposed extramural elective prior to approval and to ensure the return of a performance assessment of the student and an evaluation of the elective by the student. Information about such issues as the following are available, as appropriate, to the student and the medical school in order to inform the student’s and the school’s review of the experience prior to its approval:

  • Potential risks to the health and safety of patients, students, and the community
  • The availability of emergency care
  • The possibility of natural disasters, political instability, and exposure to disease
  • The need for additional preparation prior to, support during, and follow-up after the elective
  • The level and quality of supervision
  • Any potential challenges to the code of medical ethics adopted by the home school

11.4      Provision of MSPE

A medical school provides a Medical Student Performance Evaluation required for the residency application of a medical student to align with the AAMC/ERAS residency application timeline.

11.5      Confidentiality of Student Educational Records

At a medical school, medical student educational records are confidential and available only to those members of the faculty and administration with a need to know, unless released by the student or as otherwise governed by laws concerning confidentiality.

11.6      Student Access to Educational Records

A medical school has policies and procedures in place that permit a medical student to review and to challenge the student’s educational records, including the Medical Student Performance Evaluation, if the student considers the information contained therein to be inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriate.

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