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LInC Core Clinical Experiences Leadership

[through AY 2023-2024]

Clerkship in Family Medicine (FM CL)​
Administrator| Karen Rayla

  • Lindholm, Mary (Director)
  • McKee, Dian (Chair)

Clerkship in Surgery (SURG CL)
Administrator | Marilyn Lavergne

  • Carroll, James (Director)
  • Lindberg, James (Associate Director)
  • Litwin, Demetrius (Chair)

Clerkship in Internal Medicine (IM CL)
Administrator | Rebecca Sulyma

  • Skehan, Nancy (Director)
  • Chojar, Nidhi (Associate Director)
  • Leslie, Gregory (Associate Director)
  • McManus, David (Chair)

Flexible Clinical Experiences (FCE)
Program Manager | Colleen Burnham
Baystate Support | Jane Sicard

  • Malkani, Samir (Director)
  • Belforti, Raquel (Baystate Liaison)

Clerkship in Neurology (NEURO CL)
Administrator | Lois Holmes

  • Osgood, Marcey (Director)​
  • Silver, Brian (Interim Chair)​

Interstitial Course (ISC)
EPS | Pawel Chojnowski

  • Muccino, Keith (Co-Leader)
  • Poisson-Irani, Andrea (Co-Leader)

Clerkship in Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBG CL)
Administrator | Lori Allard

  • Kannabiran, Dhivya (Director)
  • Moore Simas, Tiffany (Chair) ​

Transition to Advanced Studies (TRANS AS)
EPS | Therence Ntihinduka, Emily Brunelli

  • Hajj, Nicholas (Co-Leader)
  • Hatem, David (Co-Leader)

Clerkship in Pediatrics (PEDI CL)
Administrator | Maxine Schmeidler

  • McMaster, Erin (Director)
  • Sell, Peter (Co-Director
  • Rhein, Lawrence (Chair) 

Thematic Section | Care of Adults (Medicine & Neurology) (COA)

  • Ram, Sanjay (Basic Science Section Leader)


Clerkship in Psychiatry (PSY CL)
Administrator | Stacey Mosley

  • Bernstein, Anya (Director)
  • Lindquist, Kara (Associate Director)
  • Yonkers, Kimberly (Chair)

Thematic Section | Care of Families (Pediatrics, Family Medicine, & Psychiatry) (COF)

  • Ionete, Carolina (Basic Science Section Leader)

Updated JAN 18 2024 | cjb