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Health System Science (HSS) Pathway

Meghna Trivedi, MD |

Education Program Specialist
Paula Halligan |

Class of 2027 Student Representatives
Aliza Bloostein | 
Kenny Huang |  

Pathway Description

This Pathway allows students to explore and become well-versed in how health care is provided to, and experienced by, patients and populations. Study of health system science (HSS) aims to improve the delivery of equitable, high quality, high value, and compassionate health care to patients at both the micro/personal and macro/systems level. This Pathway will also deliver formal training in the Lean quality improvement and provide opportunity to participate in a mentored, longitudinal project based on Lean methodology.

Students will develop advanced knowledge and skills in (but not limited to) quality improvement, patient safety, health care delivery structures and processes, informatics, value-based practice, professionalism, ethics, interprofessional care, leadership, and systems thinking.  This can happen simultaneously with the freedom to explore related personal curiosity, interest, and passion. 


  • Presentations from expert UMass Chan faculty members in health system science leadership positions and opportunities for discussion afterwards
  • Receive training in Lean methodology (Lean teaches quality improvement by creating maximum value for patients by reducing waste and promoting value-based care)
  • Interactive information sessions and simulations to help conceptualize the meaning behind and the importance of health system science
  • Introduction to health care policy and economics, which inform the decisions, plans, and actions in the production of health care

Sample Topics Covered

  • Basics of Lean methodology and the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle of quality improvement 
  • Importance of systems thinking in health care, which involves looking at how different health care components interact and devising interventions that improve the quality of care

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