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What is Profiles?

UMass Profiles is a research networking and expertise mining software tool for faculty. It not only shows traditional directory information, but also illustrates how each person is connected to others in the broad research community. This page assists faculty with making edits to their profile.

Search Profiles

To search UMass Profiles, click here.

Profile Setup

UMass Chan Information Technology maintains UMass Profiles. New faculty members recieve a profile soon after their information is input into the HR system. Please review your profile for possible edits.



Edit Name, Title, School/Department/Program Affiliations, Business Address, and/or Phone Number
OFA maintains the database for the aforementioned Profile fields. Please review your profile and email Faculty Affairs if you need to request an update to those fields.

Edit Photo, Awards and Honors, Post Doc positions, Rotations, Narrative, and Publications
Please visit the IT website to learn how to edit the aforementioned profile fields. If you need assistance, please contact the UMass Chan IT by calling 508-856-8643 or email.

Self-Service Instructions     

Adding Images for Use in the Narrative, Post Doc or Lab Rotation    
This link enables you to add images to the aformentioned Profiles sections.
Adding Images to Profiles

Watch the Video Tutorial - Part 1
Learn about Profiles RNS and Create Active Networks

Watch the Video Tutorial - Part 2
Edit Photo, Awards and Honors, Post Doc Positions, Rotations, Narrative, and Publications.

Manage Proxy Tutorial
This link enables you to authorize designated proxies who can update one or more profiles.