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Robert Licho, MD - Shoutout

Robert Licho, MD, Department of Radiology
Dr. Robert Licho

Please see below a shoutout message from one of our hospitalists Dr. Connie Wu regarding help provided by Dr. Robert Licho (Division Chief Nuclear Medicine) to expedite patient care. Thank you so much and I hope you will be able to share this positive news with him.  

"FYI, I would like to share to colleagues that, we got tremendous help from Dr. Robert Licho who approved inpatient PET-CT for one of our sick patients. Basically, patient bounced back after one day of discharge over last weekend. GI suggested to get him discharged again today and have outpatient PET-CT tomorrow and then a GI procedure Thursday. We do not think the patient can be safely discharged. I happened to know to contact Dr. Licho who is very responsive and helped me before for a similar scenario. Basically Dr. Licho approved it and asked us to place the PET-CT order and in the order to put our direct contact information. Then the scheduler actually called us directly within one day. It was great to get it solved so smoothly. I think it should be told to other hospitalists especially for patients like this.''