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Alan Goldstein, MD Praised

Alan Goldstein, MD, Division Chief Abdominal Imaging, UMass Radiology
Alan Goldstein, MD, Division Chief Abdominal Imaging

A letter praising Alan Goldstein, MD for a clear MRI description used for patient care


Just a quick not to say how helpful (and excellent) this report is.  I am helping with a renal cell cancer resection and I always find sifting through the MRI very challenging.  The clear description of the key finding with the key series/image makes her care so much better.  Thank you! 

“Tumor fills the right renal vein and extends into the inferior vena cava (well demonstrated on series 3, image 28). Tumor within the cava measures up to 3.5 cm in craniocaudal dimension. The distance between the upper-most margin of the tumor within the cava and the right atrium is 8.4 cm.”


Andres Schanzer, MD, FACS
Cutler Chair and Professor of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Director, UMass Memorial Center for Complex Aortic Disease
Director, UMass Memorial Heart and Vascular Center