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Positive Patient Feedback

Recent email and a note sent to Marcia Amaral, Director of Radiology Operations at Memorial Campus.

Thanks for Procedure Improvement

Hi Marcia,

I just wanted to make sure I shared some positive feedback with you –

We recently heard from XXXX who was a patient this past month as well as in March. When she was here in March, she had some concerns about CT (was not expecting the warm sensation, felt that more questions could have been asked and she could have been prepared better by the team).

She had another CT more recently and she said, “ Kudos: Cat Scan: The procedure was explained in detail.  Such a great improvement in this department!  Thank you!”

Just wanted to pass this on as we do not always hear when people are satisfied with a change that has been made!

Thank you!

Thanks for Exceptional Care

Note of thanks from patient