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Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference

Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference - Rectal Cancer
Alan Goldstein, MD

Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference - Rectal Cancer
Hesham Malik, MD

3rd Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference - Rectal Cancer

The third Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference foucused on Rectal Cancer. This is a multidisciplinary symposium designed to give a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and management of rectal cancer using a team approach. There were speakers from GI, medical oncology, radiation oncology, colorectal surgery, radiology, and pathology. All trainees and staff were invited. Lacey McIntosh, DO, MPH has been instrumental in coordinating this series of conferences. Flyer (pdf)

Thursday, October 11, 2018, 3:00-5:30 PM
Medical School Amphitheatre II (S4-102)

Speakers and Schedule:
3:00 PM Gastroenterology: Wahid Wassef, MD, FACG
3:20 PM Diagnostic Radiology: Alan Goldstein, MD
3:20 PM Pathology: Jacob Bledsoe, MD
4:10 PM Medical Oncology: Venu Bathini, MD
4:30 PM Radiation Oncology: Shirin Sioshansi, MD
4:50 PM Colorectal Surgery: Justin Maykel, MD
5:15 PM Interventional Radiology: Hesham Malik, MD


Lacey McIntosh, DO, Assistant Professor Radiology, UMass Chan Medical SchoolGrand Rounds Lecture

Lacey McIntosh, DO, MPH, from the Divisions of Abdominal Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, was invited to give a grand rounds lecture for Hematology/Oncology on September 20, 2018 at 8:00 AM. The topic was “Imaging Response Patterns in the Modern Era of Cancer Treatment.”