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Policy Review Updates

The Radiology Policy Committee meets on a regular basis to update department policies. All current policies are posted on the Hospital's Intranet website.

Recent Policy Updates:

The Committee Members include:

Marcia Amaral – Director of Radiology Operations, Memorial Campus
Steven Baccei, MD - Vice Chair Radiology Quality, Patient Safety and Process Improvement
Stephen Beaudoin - Director of Radiology Operations, University Campus
Darren Brennan, MD - Vice Chair Enterprise Operations and Community Radiology
Amin Chaoui, MD - Chief of Radiology, Health Alliance
Carolynn Debenedectis, MD - Director Radiology Residency Program
Kathryn Green - Senior Director Radiology Services
Max Rosen, MD, MPH - Chair Department of Radiology
Paul Riggieri, MS, CNMT - Associate Vice President of Diagnostic Services
Patricia Vailliant - Director of Radiology Operations - Health Alliance
Stephan Wicky Van Doyer, MD - Vice Chair Interventional Operations