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Parent Thanks Dr. Makris

Date Posted: lunes, mayo 09, 2016

Joseph Makris, MDDr. Markis,
My name is XXXX, and I am writing to you, much belatedly, to thank your department for the essential role they played in my son’s care, almost 1 year ago.  My son, XXXX, was 11 years old last February, when he had a minor slip and fall in gym class.  The fall seemed innocent, but hours later he was still in serious pain.  A quick trip to XXXX for an x-ray was said to be negative for fracture, and his pain was diagnosed as a “strained groin”.  But days later, he was still reporting extreme pain, so his pediatrician sent him to your department for a second image.  Your team found a right femoral neck fracture, and diffuse osteopenia, both missed in the initial x-ray.

XXX had struggled with mysterious lower limb pain and progressive limping for almost 5 years.  He had seen many doctors over that period, none of whom took his symptoms very seriously.  “Tight muscles” was the usual diagnosis, or possibly “growing pains”.  It was horribly frustrating.  The careful read of his x-ray that day – finding both the potentially disastrous fracture and noting the osteopenia – lead to a femoral neck pinning for the fracture, and also gave the critical clue to solving his longer term issue.  He has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.
A year later, he is doing well.  His fracture has healed, and he is getting treated for his JRA.  His strength and his gait are better than they have been in years, and he no longer has morning and nightly pain.  I always meant to track down the radiologist who read his x-ray that day and thank him or her.  As we approach the 1 year mark, I am finally getting to it.  Your team made a big difference that day, and we are very grateful.