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Thanksgiving Food Baskets Donated

Date Posted: viernes, diciembre 16, 2016

Marcia Amaral coordinated another generous Thanksgiving Basket giving project throughout all of the UMMS/UMMHC Radiology locations. Marcia was pleased to report that the Leads and their staff at Memorial donated 1 to 3 baskets per modality -  Clerical, Ultrasound, Diagnostic, Angio, Cat Scan. The Mammography staff at all fours sites and the Diagnostic staff at Hahnemann, Milford and Westboro all contributed baskets. The areas on the University Campus participating included the Clinical Administrative group, Group Practice Administrative group, Angio, Nuclear Medicine, Cat Scan, Diagnostic second shift and Ultrasound.

In total there were 22 families that attend Girl’s Inc who celebrated in a traditional way with family. Each "basket" contained enough food to provide Thanksgiving dinner for a family. Marcia received a thank you letter from Girls Inc. and many thank you notes from the girls. Here are a few:

I am thankful that you donated the Thanksgiving food for me and my family. You are so kind. You were such a big help to me.”

“Thank you for the Thanksgiving Dinner. We didn’t have a way to buy a turkey or anything else. Everyone in my family were able to enjoy dinner and spend time with each other. Now we have left over’s for a few days.

“Thank you for the Thanksgiving basket. My family really appreciated it. I hope your Thanksgiving was just as great as ours.”

“ I am thankful for food, shelter, family and friends. Thank you for all the food.”

Thanksgiving Basket - UMMHC Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Thanksgiving Basket - UMMHC Radiology
Thanksgiving Basket - UMMS and UMMHC Radiology - Admin
Thanksgiving Basket - UMMHC Radiology
Thanksgiving Basket - UMMHC Radiology