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Peer Review Article in ACR Bulletin Dispatch

Date Posted: viernes, diciembre 16, 2016

ACR Bulletin Cover - Dec 2016The December issue of the ACR Bulletin mentions Dr. Steven Baccei's Peer Review paper in the Dispatch section. Dr. Baccei's article titled "How to Effectively Implement a Peer Review Process for Interventional Radiology Procedures" was published in the September 2016 Issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR).

The American College of Radiologists publishes the Bulletin to keep members up to date on current research, technology, advocacy and ACR activities.

Read article in Dispatch section of ACR Bulletin: https://acrbulletin.org/current-issue/920-december-news-from-the-college-and-beyond

Read paper in JACR:  http://www.jacr.org/article/S1546-1440(16)30222-8/fulltext