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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Date Posted: viernes, diciembre 16, 2016

Below are a few recent comments from the Mammography Patient Satisfaction Survey's. Keep up the good work!


“My tech was excellent. :-)”

“Regarding question 21 [patient confidentiality] - I do not think DOB, phone #s and address should be discussed with receptionist when others are in waiting room.”

“Maggie was amazing. Made me feel very comfortable.”

"Maggie was wonderful. So caring and patient. Feel very comfortable with her. She's a keeper!"

"Always like coming here! Rhonda is great - warm, kind, professional."

"Made a not so fun appt. something not so bad. :)"

"Very efficient, friendly, professional visit, in and out in 20 minutes."

"This has been the best place to come to. I have been coming back for many years. It's very comfortable."

"I wish all doctor's offices and departments were run as efficiently and professionally as this one. This place is a model of how to run a medical facility - and consistently too – every year just as good!"s

"The machine is awful, the people are great!"

"Took great care of me when I almost fainted. Awesome caregiver."


"Kelly was the best technologist I've had at Hahnemann."

"Great gowns! No pen in my changing room. Nice people."

"Cell phone posted not to use! As I was sitting I noticed all 5 people using cell phone! If its optional, then either take all signs off walls. If it's still in effect, attention is needed."

"The gowns are comfortable and soothing, wanted to take one home (I did not).."

"The technologist was friendly, knowledgeable, my portacath - a challenge for some, not for this tech. A very good experience."

"Parking is horrible."

" My technologist was pleasant, gentle, informative. She does her job excellently."

"I think the lady's here are the best, they don't rush you when you're in there. Give them a pizza party."


"Very caring and helpful. Pleasure to come here for this procedure!"

"7:30 appt. - asked to arrive 15 minutes early - very surprised to find facility closed at 7:15."

"The technologist was friendly and made me feel comfortable and relaxed."

"Sandy the technician was excellent and very knowledgeable. Dr. Ghosh was very good as well."

"Parking not good."

Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)

"My assistant that was with me from start to finish, she was excellent, made me feel at ease."

"All 3 (Dr. Newburg, Donna and Maria) were absolutely wonderful!!! I was a nervous wreck going in but they put me at ease!"

"These ladies are wonderful [Lisa, Robin, Dr. Watkins, Dr. Tyminski], so kind, gentle and informative."

"It would be helpful to have a "coin" with the locker number on it."

"Great team work for biopsy. Thanks to Dr. MacMaster, Donna and Maria. Scary stuff made easy for me. Well done!"

"My technologist, Joan, was a loving presence and contributed to the ease of the visit."

"Alyssia was friendly, efficient and professional. Thank you! The volunteer was good and accommodating."

"Took way too long in the waiting area. This is the case every time I have been here."

"I have extreme anxiety and depression. So I was understandably very nervous for the biopsy but everyone went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible and I am very grateful!!!"