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Watts Group


Current Role

Postdocs and PhDs

Hannah Pendergraff (PhD 2015)

  Postdoc, Roche (Copenhagen)

Undergrads and Short-Term Visitors

Adam Hedger (Y4 project student 2016-17)   Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Lê Tuãn Anh Nguyn (visiting scholar 2016)    
Amelia Pullinger (summer student 2015)    
Cam Thorpe (summer student 2015)    
Florie Moran (Y3 project student 2014-15)    
Rachel Greenhill (Y3 project student 2014-15)   Master's Candidate (Security and Crime Science), University College London, UK
Josh Prince (Y4 project student 2014-15)    
Farooq Amin (summer student 2014)    
Abida Gani (summer student 2014)    
Mike Moazami (Y4 project student 2013-14)   PhD Candidate, University of Southampton, UK (Watts Lab, RNA Therapeutics Institute, University of Massachusetts Medical School)
Dan O'Reilly (Y4 project student 2013-14)   PhD Candidate, McGill University, Canada (Damha Lab)
Jack Hardwick (Y3 project student 2013-14)   PhD Candidate, Oxford University, UK (Brown Lab)
James Graham (Y4 project 2012-13)    
Tom Latter (Y4 project 2012-13)    
Liisa Niitsoo (Y3 project 2012-13)    
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