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Original Research Publications

21) J. Hu, Z. Rong, X. Gong, Z. Zhou, V.K. Sharma, C. Xing, J.K.Watts, D.R. Corey, "Oligonucleotides targeting TCF4 triplet repeat expansion inhibit RNA foci and mis-splicing in Fuchs' dystrophy," Human Molecular Genetics, 26: 1015-1026, 2018.

20) L. Li, X. Shen, Z. Liu, M. Norrbom, T.P. Prakash, D. O'Reilly, V.K. Sharma, M.J. Damha, J.K. Watts, F. Rigo, D.R. Corey, "Activation of Frataxin Protein Expression by Antisense Oligonucleotides Targeting the Mutant Expanded Repeat," Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, 28: 23-33, 2018.

19) H.M. Pendergraff, P.M. Krishnamurthy, A.J. Debacker, M.P. Moazami, V.K. Sharma, L. Niitsoo, Y. Yu, Y.N. Tan, H.M. Haitchi, J.K. Watts, "Locked Nucleic Acid Gapmers and Conjugates Potently Silence ADAM33, an Asthma-Associated Metalloprotease with Nuclear-Localized mRNA," Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids, 8: 158-168, 2017

18) V.K. Sharma, S.K. Singh, P.M. Krishnamurthy, J.F. Alterman, R.A. Haraszti, A. Khvorova, A.K. Prasad, J.K. Watts, "Synthesis and biological properties of triazole-linked locked nucleic acid," Chemical Communications,53: 8906-8909, 2017.

17) H.M. Pendergraff, A.J. Debacker, J.K.Watts*, “Single-Stranded Silencing siRNAs: Hit Rate and Chemical Modification,” Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, 4: 216-222, 2016.

16) H. Brambhatt, A. Poma, H.M. Pendergraff, J.K. Watts, N.W. Turner, “Improvement of DNA recognition through molecular imprinting: hybrid oligomer imprinted polymeric nanoparticles (oligoMIP NPs),” Biomaterials Science, 4: 281-287, 2016.

15) A. Poma, H. Brahmbhatt, H.M. Pendergraff, J.K. Watts, N.W. Turner, “Generation of Novel Hybrid Aptamer Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Nanoparticles (AptaMIP NPs),” Advanced Materials, 27: 750-758, 2015.

14)  A. Poma, H. Brahmbhatt, J.K. Watts, N.W. Turner, “Nucleoside-tailored Molecularly-Imprinted Polymeric Nanoparticles (MIP-NPs),” Macromolecules, 47: 6322-6330, 2014.

13)  K. Schaukowitch, J.-Y. Joo, Xihui Liu, J.K. Watts, C. Martinez, and T.-K. Kim, “Enhancer RNA facilitates NELF release from immediate early genes,” Molecular Cell, 56: 29-42, 2014. Highlighted in a preview by B. Plotzky (Mol. Cell, 56: 3-4, 2014).

12) K.T. Gagnon, J.K. Watts*, H.M. Pendergraff, C. Montaillier, D. Thai, P. Potier, and D.R. Corey*, “Antisense and Antigene Inhibition of Gene Expression by Cell-Permeable Oligonucleotide-Oligospermine Conjugates,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133: 8404-8407, 2011. *corresponding authors.

11) M.Y. Anzahaee, J.K. Watts*, N.R. Alla, A.W. Nicholson and M.J. Damha*; “Energetically Important C-H∙∙∙F-C Pseudohydrogen Bonding in Water:  Evidence and Application to Rational Design of Oligonucleotides with High Binding Affinity,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133: 728-731, 2011.  Highlighted in Faculty of 1000 (Biology). *corresponding authors.

10) J. Hu, K.T. Gagnon, J. Liu, J.K. Watts, J. Syeda-Nawaz, C.F. Bennett, E.E. Swayze, J. Randolph, J. Chattopadhyaya and D.R. Corey*; “Allele-selective inhibition of ataxin-3 (ATX3) expression by antisense oligomers and duplex RNAs,” Biological Chemistry, 392: 315-325, 2011.

9) J.K. Watts, D. Yu, K. Charisse, C. Montaillier, P. Potier, M. Manoharan and D.R. Corey; “Effect of chemical modifications on modulation of gene expression by duplex antigene RNAs that are complementary to non-coding transcripts at gene promoters,” Nucleic Acids Research, 38: 5242-5259, 2010.

8) G.F. Deleavey, J.K. Watts, T. Alain, F. Robert, A. Kalota, V. Aishwarya, J. Pelletier, A.M. Gewirtz, N. Sonenberg and M.J. Damha, “Synergistic effects between analogs of DNA and RNA improve the potency of siRNA-mediated gene silencing,” Nucleic Acids Research, 38: 4547-4557, 2010. equal contributors

7) J.K. Watts, N. Martín-Pintado, I. Gómez-Pinto, J. Schwartzentruber, G. Portella, M. Orozco, C. González and M.J. Damha, “Differential stability of 2'F‑ANA•RNA and ANA•RNA hybrid duplexes: roles of structure, pseudohydrogen bonding, hydration, ion uptake and flexibility,” Nucleic Acids Research, 38: 2498-2511, 2010.  Highlighted in Faculty of 1000 (Biology).

6) J.K. Watts, A. Katolik, J. Viladoms and M.J. Damha; “Studies on the hydrolytic stability of  2'-fluoroarabinonucleic acid (2'F-ANA),” Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 7: 1904-1910, 2009.

5) J.K. Watts, B.D. Johnston, K. Jayakanthan, A.S. Wahba, B.M. Pinto, and M.J. Damha, “Synthesis and biophysical characterization of oligonucleotides containing a 4'‑selenonucleotide,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130: 8578-8579, 2008.

4) J.K. Watts, N. Choubdar, K. Sadalapure, F. Robert, A.S. Wahba, J. Pelletier, B.M. Pinto and M.J. Damha; “2'-Fluoro-4'-thioarabino-modified oligonucleotides: Conformational switches linked to siRNA activity,” Nucleic Acids Research, 35: 1441-1451, 2007.

3) M.L. Trapp, J.K. Watts, N. Weinberg, and B.M. Pinto; “Component analysis of the X-C-Y anomeric effect (X = O, S; Y = F, OMe, NHMe) by DFT molecular orbital calculations and natural bond orbital analysis,” Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 84: 692-701, 2006.

2) J.K. Watts, K. Sadalapure, N. Choubdar, B.M. Pinto and M.J. Damha; “Synthesis and conformational analysis of 2'-fluoro-5-methyl-4'-thioarabinouridine (4'S-FMAU),” Journal of Organic Chemistry, 71: 921-925, 2006.

1) J.K. Watts, J. Jimenez-Barbero, A. Poveda and T.B. Grindley; “Control of disaccharide conformation through p-stacking,” Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 81: 364-375, 2003.

Reviews and Book Chapters

10) J.K. Watts, A. Khvorova, "The chemical evolution of oligonucleotide therapies of clinical utility," Nature Biotechnology, 35: 238-248, 2017.

9)  V.K. Sharma and J.K. Watts, “Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: Chemistry, Delivery and Clinical Progress”, Future Medicinal Chemistry, 7: 2221-2242, 2016.

8)  J.K. Watts, “Medicinal Chemistry of Antisense Oligonucleotides,” in N. Ferrari and R. Seguin, eds., Antisense-based Drugs and Therapeutics – Preclinical and Clinical Considerations for Development, John Wiley and Sons, in press (estimated publication date  Q1 2016.)

7)   K.T. Gagnon and J.K. Watts, “The 10th Annual Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society” [Meeting Report], Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, 24: 428-434, 2014.

6)  J.K. Watts, “Locked Nucleic Acid: Tighter is Different,” Chemical Communications, 49: 5618-5620, 2013.

5)   J.K. Watts and D.R. Corey, “Silencing disease genes in the laboratory and in the clinic,” Journal of Pathology, 226: 365-379, 2012.

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3) G.F. Deleavey, J.K. Watts and M.J. Damha; “Chemical modification of siRNA,” Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Unit 16.3, 2009.   

2) J.K. Watts, G.F. Deleavey and M.J. Damha; “Chemically modified siRNA: Tools and applications,” Drug Discovery Today, 13: 842-855, 2008.

1) J.K. Watts and M.J. Damha; “2'F-Arabinonucleic acids (2'F-ANA): History, properties and new frontiers,” Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 86: 641-656, 2008.

Education & Philosophy of Science Publications

2)   D. Read, J.K. Watts, T.J. Wilson, “Partial flipping to enhance learning in lectures,” in The Flipped Classroom, J. Muzyka, ed, Washington, DC: ACS Books, 2017.

1)   J.K. Watts,Biological information, molecular structure and the origins debate,” Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, 63: 231-239, 2011.

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