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Explorations Orientation

This one week course occurs at the student’s regional campus and includes skill-building and informative sessions related to the explorations phase of their training.  Students will learn about clerkship structure, expectations, testing and grading.  Students will practice using Epic to write notes, discuss opioids and pain control with patients, receive didactic instruction in nutrition and pharmacology, and meet their clerkship coordinators and directors.  Students discuss the rigors of third year life including housing and transportation.  Finally, students will discuss third year preparation and day to day living with students who have already completed this phase.  Attendance is mandatory for credit.  

After EXP-300, the student will be able to: 

  • Describe how to be prepared for a new clerkship 
  • Describe the general expectations of a clerk in clinic and in the hospital 
  • Describe policies applicable to third year including absences, weather and appropriate treatment of learners.  
  • How to review important biomedical material and interview skills in preparation for clerkship tasks 

OCT 30 2023 | cjb