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Friday, April 28, 2023

CMS maintenance for 4/27 is complete

CMS upgrade

The CMS has been upgraded from version 12.14 to 12.18 which includes:

ADA Compliance updates

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. Regarding the web, this act provides guidance on making sites accessible for all people. Read more about ADA, WCAG and Section 508 compliance.

We run accessibility scans on our CMS pages to find errors in our templates that our developers can fix. There are ways our editors can ensure that they meet accessibility guidelines in their content, see the link to the blog in the previous paragraph.

Here are the accessibility errors we have fixed in this release:

  • Zoom enabled – ensure setting is enabled for all browsers.
    • Simply put: a person can make everything bigger or smaller as needed.
  • Fix aria-label on breadcrumb links
    • Aria labels are used with assistive devices and screen readers.
  • Update “skip-to” links, ensure all skip-to links show or hide based on the elements on the page.
    • When you choose to hide/show menus on your pages, our code dynamically sets the skip-to links in the HTML. These links are used by screen readers so the person can quickly jump to a section of the content – main menu, main content, footer, etc.
  • For the Profiles faculty listing block, allow the “submit search” button to be submitted when using the enter button on the keyboard, not just clickable by a mouse.
    • This is important for those using assistive technology or someone who is visually impaired and using a screen reader or other device that is not a mouse.
  • Ensure all IDs used on HTML tags are unique.
    • Unlike CSS class names, HTML IDs should always be unique.
    • This was part of our template, when adding content, editors do not set IDs
  • Ensure all Form labels are unique.
    • Similar to above, if more than 1 form exists on a page, their “label for” attribute must be unique to each form.
    • This was part of our template, when adding content, editors do not set form attributes.
    • Our CMS forms always set the “label for” and are always unique

Bug fixes

  • On small mobile devices, top of the content was displaying under header area
  • Headline on news page and blog posts is now required.
  • Forms – ensure drag and dropping form elements in display view is working.
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