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Link List Block

Friday, November 04, 2022

The link list block can be use to display a list of links that can be formatted as a bulleted list, a standard list or as a dropdown. The block can also be reused on multiple pages allowing you to edit 1 block and the updates will display on all pages that contain that block.

This block ensures that list if formatted properly and that it is ADA compliant.

Examples > 

Create a new block

In a dropblock area on your page, or under your folder in the block pane, create a new block 
[user guide: create a new block]

Video Tutorial

  • Choose Link List Block
  • Add a "Name" and click the create button
    • If you created the block directly on the page, you are brought back to you page, click the "..." on your new block to edit it
      screen shot showing where to click to bring up the block editor  ...

Properties on the page

[user guide: properties view]

On the Content tab

  • Title [optional] will display as an H3 at the top of the block
  • Description [optional] - add a short summary above the links
  • Choose a listing style - select how you wish the list to display:
    • bulleted list
    • standard list
    • as a dropdown of links
  • List of Links - here you can drag and drop content pages from the content tree (left pane) or add links to external sites. These links can be dragged and dropped to change their order.

    Types of links you can create:
    • links to other pages in the CMS
    • media assets (files stored within the CMS like PDFs, Word, or images)
    • email
    • external link 
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