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Things to think about - Block rendering practices

Posted On: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: admin maintenance

Content area renderer

My advice is you start to know about the Content Area Renderers. Here is a link to the Alloy example of it. A Content Area Renderer is what is say it is; a renderer for content areas. With this feature you can manipulate the html output of the rendering of this propertytype and every item (block, page, asset, etc) in it. We have done plenty of more complex examples of whats done in the Alloy website. But the Alloy website is a very good start to learn more about this feature. The Content Area Renderer gives you really a lot of flexibility.

Display templates & PropertyFor

Episerver does also make use a lot of the DisplayTemplates functionality which is part of MVC. There are already plenty of blogsposts written about this subject. And an old articile about how propertyfor works written by Joel Abrahamsson is still very valid.

Display Options

Last but not least it’s important to know about display options. An editor can select which display option is used for rendering that block. The display options are available in the Content Area Renderer, so you can use them to create your rendering logic. The default content area renderers also make use of it.